COVID-19 Update: Our Dental Office is SAFE & OPEN!

Current office hours are still somewhat limited so it is essential that YOU PLAN AHEAD & that there are NO LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS, or we cannot plan accordingly. We are in the office most TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS (and many Wednesdays), but we are constantly checking our messages and texts. We are always available in case of emergency. Call 212-242-4488 or text 212-685-5449. Thank you for your patience as we navigate this new world. As always, it is for the safety and health of all of us. Once you have a scheduled appointment, we are asking you to read the “New Rules” listed below.

To ensure your safety, we will continue to take all infection control and CDC mandated precautions, in addition to the following:

  • Once you are cleared to come up to the 7th Floor/Suite 704, it is likely that (after ringing the bell) you will be met at the door, asked if you have any known symptoms (fever, cough, etc.), have your temperature taken via infrared forehead monitor, and after entering, be asked to use the provided hand sanitizer in the entryway.
  • For social distancing, we will utilize all three treatment and exam rooms to separate our patients and completely eliminate unnecessary contact.
  • We have air filtration units with UV and UV light wands in each room to help minimize aerosols and kill bacteria and viruses, in addition to PPE and other sterilization techniques.
  • Please use the restroom at home beforehand when possible—we are trying to minimize restroom use, except in extreme emergencies.  This is better for you and our staff.
  • We are also doing our best to space appointments further apart, which is why it is essential that if you need to see us, you do your best to arrive AT your appointed time.
  • You will also be asked to sign a release form.
  • It is essential that we wear the appropriate disposable PPE for everyone’s safety, which are in short supply and difficult to acquire through normal channels.  It has become extremely expensive, so for now, it will be necessary to charge a small nominal PPE fee for each visit.  I am still procuring all the supplies, but the anticipated cost will be approximately $30-$35, until the supply exceeds the demand . We hope you understand.

Again, please call us at 212-242-4488 when you get to the lobby, and we will then let you know if we are ready for you to come up. We look forward to seeing you in person again!

Lastly, we know this has been a rough time for everyone, and we do not want you to neglect your oral health due to finances. Please speak with Diane about financing options or any other concerns. We are all in this together!

We appreciate your cooperation, and wish you good health. Thank you and please stay safe during this challenging time.